Are you looking to shop for wall tapestries to enhance the overall look of your home? If so, you must choose one that you really love. A tapestry is a piece of art which will decorate your house for a lot of years. Fabric wall hangings are not cheap so you must choose the right one that gives value to your purchase. Here are the factors you should consider when choosing a wall tapestry:

The Size of the Wall Tapestry

Ensure the hanging is proportional to the size of the wall’s open space. A hanging that is too small will look strange on a wide open wall while a too big hanging will look out of place.  Tapestries are best hanged in big rooms with high ceilings. Choose a blank wall without anything hanging on it. Although a smaller wall, room, or space can still fit this wall hanging, a smaller tapestry is more appropriate. You can find tapestries in various sizes and shapes. If you want to hang it in a smaller room, choose a round or small piece. Want a beautiful forest tapestry? Visit Rosegal.

Color and Fabric

Ensure the fabric meshes well with the room’s other texture. It should be a nice contrast to the furniture in that space. When shopping for a tapestry, try to take fabric swatches or paint samples with you to make sure your choice matches the coloring of the rest of the room. Tapestries are available in various designs that include floral, landscape, outdoor scenes, and more.

Moreover, a lot of tapestries are naturally dark and made with rich-looking fabrics, so they can darker up a space. Therefore, hang your tapestries in rooms that have a good deal of natural light or in a room that has enough lights.


Think about the tapestry’s orientation in relation to the open space on the wall. If you want to create the illusion that the wall and room look bigger than they are, hang the tapestry horizontally. Hanging the piece vertically will make your wall looking narrow and make low ceilings looking higher. This is because the eyes travel vertically up the hanging tapestry. Consider tapestries as very big paintings that work better on bare walls. Because they draw attention to the wall, don’t over-decorate your wall around the tapestry to prevent it from looking overcrowded.

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