A scrub or a theatre blue is a sanitary cloth worn by nurses, surgeons and other people working in hospitals or with patients.

Initially, scrubs were worn only by surgeons who were mostly men. It was also used by other operating personnel who would wear them when scrubbing or sterilizing themselves.

Now it is not only known scrubs for men but just scrubs as it is donned by many people working in the hospitals and in environments where one may come in contact with infections.

Why are scrubs important?

(a)   It helps the patients find the nurses.

Just like policemen, soldiers, pilots, judges with their uniforms, nurses also need uniforms to find them. As there are more men becoming nurses, there are also scrubs for men in health care.

A patient will be comfortable having a nurse in uniform attending to him/her than a nurse dressed in regular clothing.

(b)   It helps identify potential toxins.

Scrubs help professionals in the medical fields to identify toxins and bodily waste such as stools, vomit, blood or urine.

Most hospitals need the nurses to wear a solid color. For example scrubs for women might be white while those for mean might be blue or vice versa.

(c)    They are inexpensive.

Scrubs are usually very cheap regardless of where you buy them. This is because they can easily be disposable. The fact that harsh chemical is used to clean the scrubs makes wears them out easily. Once they get ruined, it is not a hassle to replace them.

Various hospitals buy the scrubs in bulk to supply it to their nurses. For nurses who are not supplied with scrubs, it is accessible in stores, online shops, pharmacy etc.

(d)   It is accessible.

Most scrubs are usually designed with a lot of pockets. This makes it easier for nurses to carry their tools with ease. The nurses can carry writing pads, pens, scissors, swabs, beeper etc. Basically, anything that is used in their day-to-day performance.

However, there are some health care facilities that restrict nurses to wear scrubs that have pockets. In this instance, one carries a fanny pack.

(e)    It is better than regular clothing.

As mentioned above, scrubs are worn in hospitals as such they are usually cleaner than regular clothing. Scrubs are cleaned with chemicals to ensure all contamination is removed.

The scrubs are not worn more than once, after every shift it is cleaned to prevent nurses from carrying any potential contaminants or germs.

By being clean, the scrubs reduce chances of germs being transferred from one patient to another.

(f)     It prevents regular clothing from getting spoilt.

Wearing regular clothing at the hospital may be ruined if one does not wear the scrubs. Scrubs protect the clothes from coming into contact with urine, stool or urine that nurses come into contact with. Getting these stains from regular clothing may be difficult through normal washing.

As mentioned above scrubs for women and men are affordable. This makes it a better alternative to wearing regular clothing at work.

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