The holiday season can be demanding on most men’s wardrobe. Choosing which to wear to every party invitation is no fun. But, their closet may already have what they need. They just need to mix and match pieces with their seasonal accents and they can come up with a complete wardrobe for the holidays.

The month of December is often about Christmas events and gatherings. But, despite the many occasions to attend, you want to ensure you carry yourself with confidence each time. Here are tips to help you achieve a confident Christmas look:

When Taking Part in Holiday Outdoor Activities

Outdoor events and activities require you to wear layers to give you that much-needed warmth. Depending on your location, you may want to wear a plain white-T-shirt with a long-sleeved T-shirt. A rugged down vest can be added to the outside of this, along with jeans or corduroys. This outfit makes you ready for a date, hiking, or festivals. DressLily has a variety of options for you.

When Attending your Holiday Office Party

For ladies, choosing a perfect Christmas office party dress can be a no-brainer. They can easily go for a cocktail dress. But, men are usually not prepared for this. The best they can choose is a blazer and slacks with a dress shirt and tie. They can always choose a tie that matches the season.

What you wear will depend on the theme of the party. Some party invitations may say “black tie” which means you should wear a black tuxedo with an elegant vest and a formal shirt. But, if the invitation says “black tie is optional,” this means you do not really need to wear a full tux, although you are free to choose the black suit, white shirt, and tie combination. Keep in mind that even if the party is semi-formal, you need to appear formal without the traditional black suit and white shirt combo.

For a party that is semi-casual, wear a sport coat, a button-up, and a pair of slacks. Think about the daily dress code of your company to know if this combination suits. Otherwise, you can choose polo or a dress shirt instead of a button-up.

When Partying with Friends Casually

For casual parties and night outs with your friends, a festive or quirky sweater or cat hoodie with a pair of jeans corduroys, or khakis will definitely make your perfect outfit. You just need to vary the colors, styles, and designs and you won’t have a problem each time you get an invitation from your friends. Click here to buy the cutest cat hoodies you can find.

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