Are you planning to buy a mini fridge? You can surely avoid the embarrassment of purchasing a low-quality mini fridge that needs very high maintenance by reading this small writeup as we have shared few tips here about its proper set up.

Whether you are going to place it in your apartment or any room in your house, mini fridge is very handy and essential appliance in the house.

Such fridge is quite handy in number of situations. Unlike your regular fridge you can accommodate it anywhere and you can easily store foods and drinks in your game room. Setting up of these mini fridges is not at all difficult and hardly takes more than just few minutes. You can visit the website to choose the model for buying a mini fridge

Following are the steps to be followed for its proper set up after its arrival:

Step 1

Open the mini fridge from its packing and identify its various parts. You must be able to identify its feet and also the cable. You should also locate the drawer and the ice cube tray.

Step 2

Insert the feet properly into the proper holes below the fridge. You can screw them down easily by hand. You can also use your screwdriver to fit the screws through the feet that is at the bottom of the fridge.

Step 3

Open the door by turning the fridge right side up. Locate the holes on its sides for the shelf and also tray brackets. Place brackets on both sides of the fridge and push them into the holes. Easily slide the shelf and tray inside the brackets.

Step 4

After its placement, locate its ice maker which should be near a refrigerator water line. Fix the screw of mini fridge water line to your house water line and then tighten down by using wrench to prevent leaks.

Step 5

Clean the inside with soapy water and rinse with any clean wet rag.

Step 6

Place the fridge on any hard surface at least 2 or 3 inches away from a wall so that heat may vent away from the unit.

Step 7

Plug the mini fridge and keep cooling temperature gauge to the recommended setting for your unit. It must also be provided in the manual. Allow it to settle for few hours and then fill it with items.

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