If you are like many women, you probably buy clothes and but hold on to them without wearing them. But, buying too many stuff you don’t really need can only leave you short of space for your must-haves.  If you want to free up some space in your wardrobe, save money, and look stylish, consider the following tips:

Purchase Something you can Use for Many Occasions

A lot of women like to celebrate occasions with a special dress. But, usually, this piece rarely gets more than one attention. Rather than buying something meant for a particular event, think about trying some dressier wardrobe pieces that you can use for other occasions. This means getting something more classic; instead, of trend-led.

Purchase Only Something that Fits

Stop the habit of holding on to stuff that does not fit you anymore in the hope that it will fit you some day. Also, you may purchase something in a size too small because it is on sale or to motivate yourself to lose weight. To reduce your wardrobe, be realistic and honest with yourself. If a dress does not fit you, get rid of it.

Buy Something that Suits You

You might purchase something on a whim as it is trendy or some people are wearing it. However, just because that stuff suits someone does not mean it suits you. Remember that you will wear that piece of dress and it may look good others on others but not on you. The suitable clothing for you should make you feel confident and comfortable even if you don’t buy it from the best dress retail store in Chicago.

Ignore the Bargains

You can be tempted to buy something on sale, especially when it comes to designer pieces. But, to make sure you don’t end up with unused items in your wardrobe, do not purchase something because it is a great deal. Regardless of how affordable it is, you will only end up wasting your money when you don’t wear it.

Ditch One for the Other

If you really want to keep your wardrobe’s size sensible, think about getting rid of an item whenever you add get something new. Apart from keeping your rails and shelves from overflowing, this makes you more confident about what you are getting. You will only purchase something if you really love it as you know your purchase means losing a special item from your wardrobe.

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