Picking out the right lounge for the right occasion is very important. A single element out of sync can make the entire ambience quite disturbing at times. Selection of correct lounge becomes all-the-more important when you are looking for a perfect venue to either have a social gathering or you want to dine out with family.

For social gatherings and family get together, the foremost thing that you must keep in mind is that the place that you choose must be spacious so that everyone is easily accommodated. The second thing that you must keep in mind is that the place should be able to cater to the interests of everyone.

Here are some of the lounges in Delhi that are ideal for family and social gatherings:

  1. Bailamos Unplugged- Bailamos Unplugged is a great place to dine with family. You can enjoy a nice evening and spend quality time with your family in a very well laid out rooftop dinner. The place is not only known to serve the best drinks, but it is also quite famous for the Italian, Chinese, North Indian and American food. With pretty lights and classy furniture, this place has a very elegant ambience.
  2. Vault Cafe- This place is located in the hustling bustling place of Delhi that is Connaught Place. Leather couches and vibrant lighting makes the place look extremely great. The choices offered in both food and drinks are large in number. If you are holding a social gathering, then you can book the private dining area so that you and your family can get some privacy.
  3. Tamaasha- If you and your family wish to enjoy the night life of the capital city, then this is the place that you must go. The ambience is really relaxing and will set you in the party mood right away. There is a magnificent bar stationed at one corner with beer taps. The menu of the place has been designed in such a way that, interests and likings of all people are met and that is what makes the place so popular.
  4. Olive Bar and Kitchen- With an ambience that is classy and sophisticated, this place is a favourite for families who wish to dine out on occasions. It is located in the middle of the city and is popular for the Mediterranean, Italian and European cuisines.
  5. BED- The name of the place stands for beverages, entertainment and dining. It has recently opened up and the place is already creating a lot of buzz amongst the people of Delhi. The decor of the place has been built quite extravagantly. It is a perfect getaway for relaxing meals where your weary moods can be easily uplifted. The main highlights of this place are stunning chandeliers, great food and music that makes you want to groove.
  6. Larry’s China- Larry’s China in the Taj Vivanta is an ideal place if you are looking mouth watering Chinese food. It is very spacious and the interiors look very elegant and attractive. The decoration of the interior is in such a way that it gives you a very brassiere look.

These places are certainly the best places in the entire Delhi where you can host a great social gathering or have a memorable dining experience with your family.

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