The fall season is all about outerwear. From the classic winter coats to trench coats and more, there are endless style choices, and it makes sense to invest in a few timeless items that can be used over the years. Before you pick a new winter coat, we have some smart tips for your help.

  • Pick the right size. Women often tend to wear outerwear that’s a size larger than their regular clothing. It’s a common myth that winterwear has to be bulky. “Bigger the better” concept doesn’t work here. Even if you are on the plus side, you still need the right size to show off the curves.

  • The brand is important. Not everyone can afford a Chanel or a high-end designer brand, but when it comes to winter clothing, you need to be a little particular about the brand. For example, manteaux d’hiver Valanga are better than many brands of the same category. The brand cares for its customers and tries to use fur in a more appropriate and sustainable way.
  • Experiment with the colors. Gone are times when outwear was all about dark and gothic colors. You don’t have to stick to blacks and browns anymore. Designers have been using the most unique and odd spring colors for winter coats, and the change is refreshing to say the least. Check for more shades and designs, because being predictable is boring.

  • Go for the mixed styles. Jackets often come with detachable hoods and fur trims, and that’s a great trend. The same winter coat can be used in a number of ways, and you can always choose to get rid of the fur trim when you are heading to work. These are coats that last for years, no matter the color or material.
  • Add a belt. If you want to break the monotony of color and design, adding a belt always works. With winter coats, you have to be careful with the accessories, because ‘less is more’. Go for a belt with a stunning buckle that can add more dimensions to the overall style. This also works when you want to transform a casual coat into something more formal.

If you are looking for more choices, better designs and cheap prices, you should check online stores. Many brands have their official websites, where you can find the best products at the right prices. Start shopping right away!

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